Introducing Mayd.

Introducing Mayd

We’ve changed our name.

By Mandy Hall

The day is finally here. A day most didn’t even know was coming, but one that’s been bubbling behind the scenes for quite some time now. We’ve changed our name. Refined our reason for being. Iris Apfell’d our brand. Chiefs and Indians has officially retired and it is with a happy heart – we bring you Mayd.
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The past, present and future.

 The last four years have been an exciting, challenging and transformational period where we moved from offering a remote marketing team model (bringing the Chiefs and the Indians… mic drop), to brand strategy projects. Why the change? Very few clients had established their brand’s foundations, making any short-term marketing plan, well, short lived.  Quite the achilles heel for someone who’d spent most of her corporate life in Brand Marketing roles where the whole was always (I repeat, always) greater than the sum of its parts. Since then, we’ve been developing brand strategies for businesses – from new to old, modest to bold – and we felt it was time to realign our brand, with the brand we’d become.


So, what’s with the Mayd up word?


  • Like any brand aficionado, I wanted a verb. Let’s face it, every brand aspires to be a Google (I literally Googled it). Ego aside, an action orientated word struck a chord with the very essence of our brand (more on that in a little bit).
  • All good brand names have a plot. A storyline the brand was built upon. A crescendo, climax, or aha moment where a creative idea intercepts a business’s purpose or point of view (also a strategic ploy to improve brand recall). And…
  • Finding an original word that hasn’t been registered is like Donald Trump searching for his missing Georgia votes (seemingly hopeless). 

Here’s the thing, brands aren’t born, they’re mayd. Mayd from the inside of an organisation, out. Powered by insights. Inspired by purpose. United by a common goal. And it all starts with your brand strategy (need I say more).

Our whole philosophy at Mayd is built upon some pretty simple beliefs:


  • If you do not proactively build your brand, consider it a sacrificial lamb for the taking. At the end of the day, your brand is whatever your customers believe it to be (real or not). Why would you leave it to chance? Sure, you can’t please everybody, but it’s worth a try, especially those you want most. (If you need more convincing, check out the modest value of some of your favourite household brands here). 
  • Your brand strategy is not your branding. Its role is to pave the path, not paint the pavement (and the only awards it should be winning are the ones nominated by your customers).
  • A brand strategy can fail before it’s even taken off.  If it’s done in isolation and in vain. For the sake of all Consultants and Brand Managers’ reputations, pleeeeassse collaborate with the people who play a significant role in the implementation of your brand strategy (eh eh all senior leaders).
  • Powerhouse brands permeate through their people first. Ever worked in an organisation whose brand infiltrates the culture so deeply it becomes a significant part of your identity? I have, and boy is it powerful (just ask any ex Virgin Blue employee). Loyalty is more common than not. Pay becomes irrelevant. There’s a bond that exists that only those who are a part of it understand. A strong sense of belonging. You work hard because you care. You’re a vocal advocate outside of the office. Half the marketing job is done before you’ve even spent a cent.
  • Your brand strategy should not be a set and forget document. It needs to be embedded in the fabric of the organisation. This is also why we developed our Brand Playbook – as a toolkit that can be used day in, day out.
  • Words are cheap. Your marketing will only ever be a band-aid solution if your brand strategy isn’t adopted by the whole organisation and consistently implemented across all customer touchpoints (from the sales team to your shop front).

Aside from a lairy colour palette and ridiculously good looking logo, what’s new?


After going a little loco during Covid we cooked up a new service that sees us take our normally in-person brand strategy projects, online. In our Self Mayd projects we support Brand Managers over the course of 10 weeks to build their confidence and know-how in developing their own brand strategies. We provide a step-by-step framework, real world examples, and tailored advice by accomplished Brand Strategists (like me). The level of support you receive is entirely up to you (on demand), meaning you can get a little, or a lot, throughout the process. This might range from 1:1 coaching and strategy reviews, through to more hands-on consulting such as ideation workshops (where we help you develop a point of difference for your brand), or new product development (to better sit with your new positioning). Reading through the Self Mayd project outline you might think it’s a little generic and done, (or perhaps brave given some of the industry’s most respected alumni do a very similar thing). But, here’s why it’s not.

  • Self Mayd is not a course. It’s a working project that turns learning into action.
  • It focuses on outcomes, not just theory. The content combines parts of your business, brand and marketing strategy, as in our experience you can’t consider one without the other. So, we do exactly that. We’re not in the business of developing coffee table books.
  • Lean on other brilliant minds in our masterminds. After each project milestone, there is a mastermind facilitated by an accomplished Brand Strategist, with up to four other Brand Managers in non-conflicting industries, to nut out individual challenges and enhance overall understanding.
  • Join a like-minded community. When you join, you become a part of a like-minded community of Brand Managers. Let’s be honest. We’re a type. Easily identified and passionately united! #allthefeels

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s the need for connection. Self Mayd is designed to boost your acumen and your allies, to promote professional and personal growth.

Well that’s about enough from me for the time being. I’d love to know what you think of the new brand aesthetics. Leave a message and let me know!