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Brand Incubator

Taking your business and marketing from bland to brand. 

Become a better marketer and magnet for the customers you seek, by joining our Brand Incubator on 7th February 2022 Applications now open. 

Mayd Untitled-design-47-1024x1024 Brand Incubator

Brand strategy with a sprinkle of DIY and a dash of done-for-you designed to accelerate your brand's impact

Our Brand Incubator will help you define, refine and implement the best version of your brand. What separates our Brand Incubator from your typical agency approach is that we first help you determine what to do with your brand, before showing you how to implement it. 

Why we're mayd for each other

Your very own Brand Mentor

Never done a brand strategy before? No probs. We’re going to show you how. That means you’ll be able to do it again (next time, without us).

World class strategic framework

Our brand strategies are built using the branding formula behind the world’s most valuable (money-making) brands.

Mayd Untitled-design-23 Brand Incubator

No guessing or Google searches

We give you everything you need (and some) to create your brand strategy and then we’ll check it and tighten it for you.

Big agency outcomes, sans the big agency cost

Once your brand strategy has been vetted and validated by us, you get to sit back and relax while our brilliant creatives bring it to life.

Facilitated by Mandy Hall

Big brand marketer ‘drop-out’ who’s spent two decades learning what works, and what doesn’t.

Mandy has built some of Australia's most infamous brands, SMEs and startups, to propel business growth, enhance customer experiences and build long-term brand affinity.  Having started her career in Brand at Virgin Blue (now Virgin Australia), and climbing the marketing ladder among other notable brands like Michael Hill Jeweller International, APN News and Media, Queensland Government, Retail Food Group and Compare the Market (where she was responsible for two talking Russian meerkats considered as loveable as the infamous m&m characters in just 4 years of existence), Mandy knows a thing or two about how to use your brand to rally hearts, minds and wallets.

Our Brand Incubator overcomes the two primary reasons brand building efforts usually fail

If there’s two things we’ve learnt (the hard way) it’s that:

  • a lack of clarity, direction and customer understanding leads to scrappy (short-lived) outcomes.
  • equally, a good strategy that fails to implement effectively, is worth nothing.

By objectively (and rigorously) getting clear on what to do with your brand, before jumping to how to implement your brand, you multiply its chance of success. 

That’s why our Brand Incubator focuses on getting both right.  We’re big on doing more of what matters with your brand. It’ll save you time. Cost you less. And overall make a bigger difference on your bottom line. 

How it works

Part one:
Brand Strategy

Done by you.

Think of it like the ultimate margarita kit. It’s the shaker. The pre-mixed syrup. The top shelf tequila. The salt. (With dehydrated limes and micro flowers for added drama). It’s done online. But every session is live. The end result is a brand strategy – vetted and validated by us.

+ 8 weeks duration.
+ 1 weekly mastermind.
+ 1 weekly Q+A session.
+ Everything you need to complete the tasks at hand.

Part two:
Brand Expression

Done by us.

You’ve done the hard yards. It’s now time to sit back and slurp that margarita. We turn your strategy into a creative and cut-through brand expression sure to bring the warm and fuzzies or make the fuzzies warm. Best part? You get to pick and choose how we bring your brand to life. It’s an agency style outcome, sans the agency cost.

It takes roughly 2-4 weeks once you've completed your strategy and includes creative messaging development with two revisions. See some of our popular packages below.

Popular Brand Expression packages

From Bland to Brand

Best for those that don't have a brand strategy in place.

From Bland to Brand

+ Brand tone + voice
+ Brand idea (campaign or tagline)
+ Brand story
+ Brand messaging

Because You're Worth It

For those that want to build their brand from the inside, out.

Because You're Worth It

+ Brand tone + voice
+ Vision
+ Values
+ Brand story

Just Do It

For those that want a brand action plan on the side.

Just Do It.

+ Brand tone + voice
+ Brand story
+ Brand messaging
+ Brand action plan

Who is the Brand Incubator most suited to?

Next project starting 7 February 2022

Why join our Brand Incubator...


Why is it partly DIY?

Before you exit right over the DIY part (heaven forbid another course; correction: it’s. not. a. course). Let’s get clear about why this part exists. Firstly, it’s not DIY by the standard definition, because we’ll be there with you throughout the entire journey. But, it is about empowering you to take ownership in order to get better outcomes. Specifically:

How much does it cost?

Brand Incubator

$6,500 +GST
8 week online strategic development
Weekly masterclasses & Q+As
24 month access to online content
Brand Expression package of your choice
Brand playbook delivered in chosen format

If you've mayd it this far, we would highly recommend you reach out for a chat... we're a friendly bunch.

Brand Incubator Itinerary