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Brand strategy
mayd to order

We're the bridge between you not having time (or mental capacity), and taking your brand to new heights.

When it comes to your brand, are you feeling dis-mayd?

Verb: to cause (someone) to feel concern or distress relating to…

We'll take your brand from a sigh, to a high-five

We get it. We’ve been there ourselves. Your team has expanded.  There are new customer challenges.  New business challenges. Conflicting priorities. A brand of many faces (think Arya Stark minus the violent stabbing). Slapped together no longer cuts it. Reputation is everything. It’s time to treat your brand with the same TLC as you do your customers (go figure?).   

We help businesses uncover their brand’s why, carve out their direction and build a more compelling customer proposition. How? By developing clear and actionable brand strategies that empower teams with the tools to do so.  We believe talk is cheap which is why our brand strategies are action orientated, jargon busting and profit enhancing – mayd to huddle teams and warm hearts.  Our entire process is underpinned by almost two decades of learning what works (and what doesn’t), as well as best practice (independent) models for boosting brand equity. Because after all, driving commercial outcomes is the whole point of building a brand, right? 

Why develop a brand strategy?

We'll give you a how-to, a go-to
and a what-to-do, to build your brand
from the inside of your organisation, out.

Our 3-step process

Brand Problem
Hands down the most critical stage of the process is identifying the issues and opportunities that will fuel or fault your strategy. Not taken lightly, we set out to understand the nuances and novelties of your customer, marketplace, and capabilities, so that we can devise a brand position that packs a punch.
Milestone 2
Brand Plan
A good brand strategy is worth nothing if it fails to implement effectively. We'll help you define the activities that need to occur in your business to make your new brand strategy true. True differentiation occurs beyond a marketing message so we'll help you nut out the actions that must accompany the words.
Milestone 1
Brand Playbook
More than a coffee table book, your brand playbook sets out to define who your brand is, the impact you seek to have, on whom, and why you're better than any alternative. It will set the path, the tone and the character of your brand to make you stand out, stand tall, and steal market share.
Milestone 3

By weaving brand messages into employees’ everyday experiences, managers can ensure that on-brand behaviour becomes instinctive.

– Colin Mitchell

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