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Not another brand agency.

We are a team of level-headed, espresso (martini) loving, insight driven Brand Strategists on a mission to transform the way brand strategy is viewed and used in businesses around the world. All too often brand strategy is misunderstood, undervalued or poorly executed leaving all involved stranded, jaded, or on a voyage to no-man’s land.

It’s important that we make the distinction that we are not a creative or branding agency who ‘specialises’ in brand strategy alongside 55 other marketing implementation services.  We are expat Brand Marketers at the coalface who’ve celebrated and suffered the results of the strategies we’ve deployed throughout our careers.  Some may say this has tainted our view of purist branding; others will praise an approach that acknowledges that without the engagement, buy-in and adoption by key stakeholders within your organisation, your brand strategy will fail before it even takes off. For this reason, our process is pragmatic, commercially orientated and collaborative – get these three things right and the world is your creative oyster.  

Mandy Hall first started Mayd (nee Chiefs and Indians) in response to a perpetuating misconception about what brand strategy is, and what it entails. Over the course of her two-decade career, she climbed the ranks as a senior Brand Strategist in her big corporate roles, with budgets to burn, and brands to build. Fed up with the frankenstein of responsibilities her department acquired (hint: anything that couldn’t be measured or mined), and a lack of respect for brand strategy (mostly due to confusion, a lack of collaboration or daily combative measures), she left the corporate rat race to start her own business.  

Fast forward to today, Mayd is the prodigy of all past and present slip-ups and successes of building brands big and small. We’ve coined it the Mayd Way and our entire business is built upon four core values:

The Mayd Way

Insights Before Ideas

We’re not here to get to the award-winning advertising idea or age defying colour palette. We seek to understand first. Whether that’s looking at your numbers or talking to your customers, we start with an objective point of view to ensure we always put your brand’s needs before our hype reel.  

Actions Over Adjectives

Brand strategies get a bad rap for being fluffy and full of concepts that nobody understands. We prioritise simplicity over jargon and build your brand beyond a marketing message – from the inside of your organisation, out. After all, a well-crafted strapline isn’t going to save you from a shonky experience.     

Awaken Possibilities

There’s nothing more liberating than reaching a point of clarity and potential for your brand. Not only does it evoke focus and purpose, but it opens a world of opportunities for your teams to take purposeful action to help you reach your goals faster. We live for that moment.

Ignite Human Connection

Powerful brands not only create human-like connections with customers by being meaningful, empathetic and desirable, but also with their people. We believe when your brand simmers from the inside, it explodes on the outside. We build brands that ignite human connection from the ground up.


Some of the brands we've worked with...

Mandy has built some of Australia's most infamous brands, SMEs and startups, to propel business growth, enhance customer experiences and build long-term brand affinity.  Having started her career at Virgin Blue (now Virgin Australia) and finishing her corporate employment as Head of Brand at Compare the Market (responsible for two talking Russian meerkats considered as loveable as the infamous m&m characters in just 4 years of existence), Mandy knows a thing or two about how to use your brand to rally hearts, minds and wallets.