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The Tea Room Series: New Webinar 18 January

"3 sure ways to become a better Brand Manager in 2o21"

2020 was a year where the world came to a standstill. Business as usual became very unusual, and a new mode of working was forced into play. Some sped up, others slowed down. Businesses pivoted, pounced or were sucker punched to the ground. A conundrum year, where uncertainty severed and strengthened creativity and ingenuity. As we reflected on the year that was, we thought we’d share our top three tips for Brand Managers going into the new year to recondition the problems of 2020, into possibilities for 2021.

Presented by Mandy Hall - Accomplished Brand Strategist and Managing Director of Mayd

Mandy has built some of Australia’s most infamous brands, SMEs and startups, to propel business growth, enhance customer experiences and build long-term brand affinity.  Having started her career at Virgin Blue (now Virgin Australia) and finishing her corporate employment as Head of Brand at Compare the Market (responsible for two talking Russian meerkats considered as loveable as the infamous m&m characters in just 4 years of existence), Mandy knows a thing or two about how to use your brand to rally hearts, minds and wallets.

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Mandy Hall

Managing Director

Some of the brands Mandy's worked with...