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Unite your business.
Ignite your brand.

We are a team of big-thinking Brand Strategists who help ambitious businesses and Brand Managers boost their brand's influence from the boardroom to the balance sheet.
Brands by Mayd Brand Strategy Projects

Brands aren't born.
They're mayd.

Unforgettable brands are not born from a logo or tagline. They’re mayd from the inside of an organisation, out. Powered by insights. Inspired by purpose. United by a common goal. As the guardians of your brand, your people are your competitive advantage.  They need to be equipped with a clear and actionable brand strategy. And we don’t mean Pantone colour codes and Instagram filters.  A strategy built on understanding the nuances of your business environment.  The quirks of your customers. The shortfalls of your competitors. The white space you seek to occupy where your brand positioning meets profitability.  Packaged up in your birthday suit of course (cue fuchsia pink and duck egg green pine cone print). At Mayd, we call it your Brand Playbook – it sets the path, the tone, and the character of your brand to propel business growth.

Everyone's a brand strategist.

Copywriters. Graphic designers. Digital agencies. Business coaches. Karen from Bunnings. There’s a lot of options out there, and to be fair, some are pretty good. All we can do however, is share why our clients choose us…

Brand strategy is our craft
It’s all we do – day in, day out – and we’ve got runs on the board to prove it.
We master your market
We commit a big portion of our process to getting to know the context of your brand. We assume nothing nor expect you to have the answers.
Brand equity is our endgame
Our brand strategies are built using the branding formula behind the world’s most valuable (money-making) brands.
Words are cheap
If you’re looking for a nice way to word your marketing brochure, we’re probably not the best fit. We develop action plans that differentiate your brand beyond a marketing message.


Mandy is a pleasure to work with and excellent at what she does. If you're looking for a brand strategist and someone who will get to know your business and help you overcome your challenges she is definitely the person I would recommend. She gets involved and gets the job done - nothing is too much of an ask!
Nicola Hunter from DoseMeRx
Director of Marketing & Communications

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Learn the formula to building your brand’s authority, relevance and resilience beyond a price point, product or pandemic.

Flexible projects to boot.

We offer in person and self-managed brand strategy projects to suit a range of needs and levels of expertise. 

Mayd to Order
Looking to pivot, evolve or transform your brand? Our mayd to order projects see us help you unearth a competitive and differentiated brand strategy (using a proven brand equity framework), and give you the toolkit to implement it effectively.
Self Mayd
Prefer to empower your team or looking to upskill personally and professionally? Our self mayd projects put you in the driver’s seat and provide you with the framework, tools and specialist support to build your brand from the inside of your organisation, out.

Prefer to talk to a human about your unique needs? Drop us a line. We'll get back to you swiftly - even if we're not the right fit.